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Happy Emo Presents Beauty by Katie

Welcome to Happy Emo Presents where each week we will be showcasing one of our Premium Creators and delving into the life of the person behind the business.

This week Happy Emo Presents
Beauty by Katie

Hey there all you lovely Happy Emo readers!
It’s Katie here from the brand Beauty by Katie, and I’m so blessed to be the first guest writer on this fabulous newsletter!
Thank you for having me Laura!

I’ve been so overwhelmed with the response to my Happy Emo X Beauty by Katie Collection, from the customers and the other Premium Creators - it really is like one big family which I love!
It’s an amazing feeling to be accepted into this incredible brand, it was daunting at first as there are literally so many incredibly talented artists associated with the brand, I was so worried I wouldn’t live up to the usual expectations, but your feedback has been incredible 🙏🏻 I thank each and every one of you 💖


Laura put some questions together for me to answer, I hope this gives you guys a better understanding of my brand and why I do what I do (hint, it’s because I F****** love it).

I hope you guys enjoy the Q&A!

Question Time


Q) What inspired you to start Beauty By Katie? 
A) BBK was born shortly after my twins in 2018, I decided I wanted more control over my life and the hours I worked so I started out as a Nail Technician.

By the end of 2019 I was feeling pretty deflated with how my business was going and inevitably I had to go back to working behind a bar to make ends meet. My town is pretty over crowded with Nail Technicians so I really struggled to get the clients, which meant I wasn’t really moving forward or developing my skills as I was wasn’t doing nails as often as I would have liked.

I gave it up for a few months, sold some of my equipment to put food on the table and I thought that was that! I continued to do my own nails, hustling to try and get clients to prove that this huge investment would be worth it, and then lockdown happened!

About a week in I decided to use the opportunity to develop my skills and take my mind off of the global pandemic and started to create press ons. I was not prepared for the response; it really took off! I had orders coming out of my ears and I loved every minute of it!

Once other technicians had caught onto the success, they started to make them too and I hands down couldn’t compete with 20+ years of experience!

So again, I felt deflated, and started to brain storm a way I could make this business different from the others- and so my collections were born!

Q) What creation are you most proud of?
A) I have to say the turning point for me when I finally started to feel happy with my art was when I created the Disney Collection. Although hand painting tiny little flowers is tedious as f*** no way I would change it to stamping, I love every set to be different! It’s what makes them unique!
Q) What one bit of advice would you give someone starting a small business?
A) Don’t give up, if it’s what makes you happy just keep hustling! Rome wasn’t built in a day!
Q) What’s your favourite item on Happy Emo? 
A) I’m loving the incense stick holders at the moment but every time something new is posted I need it in my house!
Q) What do you want to tell your future self? 
A) To not give a flying f*** what anyone else thinks of your work, believe in yourself and be more confident in yourself.

Thank you so much everyone for reading! I can’t wait to show you all the new collections I’ve been working on. Katie xo

View Beauty by Katie’s Collection NOW!

We Hope you enjoyed this edition of Happy Emo Presents!

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