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Happy Emo Presents Halfway Happy

Welcome to Happy Emo Presents where each week we will be showcasing one of our Premium Creators and delving into the life of the person behind the business.

This week Happy Emo Presents
Halfway Happy

Hi everyone!
I’m Hanna and I am the owner of Halfway Happy!
I live in Wiltshire with my husband and two sons.
I love animals, horror movies and music. My favourite things to create are macabre, spooky, goth, Disney and nature inspired.

Question Time


Q) What inspired you to start Halfway Happy? 
A) I have always loved drawing, craft and creating things but never had the time to devote to it.

Given the recent situation when the country was put in to lockdown and I could no longer work in my business as a self employed dog walker, I had the opportunity to spend more time on the things I love.  As someone who is always really busy and walking all day I needed something to keep me going during lockdown and so Halfway Happy was born.

It has honestly been such a comfort and a wonderful way to focus my worried mind. Also I am so grateful to have become part of a amazing community of fellow creatives and I have been so fortunate to have had some of the loveliest customers.

Q) What creation are you most proud of?
A) IT is my absolute favourite movie and it took me a long time to sit down and create a print themed to it as I love it so much and I wanted to do it justice. But I am so proud of my IT print that I even have a copy of it up on my own wall 😂

Q) What one bit of advice would you give someone starting a small business?
A)Just go for it! Believe in yourself and most of all don’t compare yourself to anyone else. Don’t worry about likes, follows etc just keep on creating things that you love. If you are passionate about something and you believe in it then you will succeed.

Q) What’s your favourite item on Happy Emo? 
A) I can’t choose between the coffin shelves or the back flow crystal incense burner but honestly Happy Emo is a one stop shop for all of the coolest stuff out there!

Q) What do you want to tell your future self? 
A) This is a tough one. I think probably just to take time for yourself and go to bed earlier 😂


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