𝔗𝔥𝔢 𝔲𝔫𝔦𝔮𝔲𝔢 𝔬𝔫𝔩𝔦𝔫𝔢 𝔟𝔬𝔲𝔱𝔦𝔮𝔲𝔢 𝔣𝔬𝔯 𝔞𝔩𝔩 𝔱𝔥𝔦𝔫𝔤𝔰 𝔮𝔲𝔦𝔯𝔨𝔶 𝔞𝔫𝔡 𝔪𝔶𝔰𝔱𝔦𝔮𝔲𝔢

Batty Wax Melt - Happy Emo

Batty Wax Melt

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P R E M I U M  C R E A T O R 
Gothicc Creations

Batty shaped wax melts made with Soy wax (Vegan Friendly and Cruelty Free). CLP Compliant and Approx 10g each.

Fragrance List and descriptions:

☠ Sherbet Lemon - sweet fizzy confectionery accord of sherbet lemons
☠ Cherry Cola - sweet black cherries with a fizzy cola twist
☠ Pink Bubblegum - uplifting and fun aroma that smells just like the big round bubble gum sweet
☠ Rhubarb and Custard - creamy sweet confectionery accord of juicy rhubarb and vanilla custard

☠ Bakewell Tart - sweet bakewell tart fragrance with notes of vanilla, cherry and creamy sweet almond
☠ Blueberry Cheesecake - sharp and sweet blueberry notes over smooth creamy vanilla, cream cheese and a buttery sweet biscuit base
☠ Chocolate Chip Cookie - batch of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies with yummy base notes of vanilla and semi-sweet chocolate

☠ Cinnamon - spicy cinnamon fragrance supported by notes of ginger and vanilla
☠ Vanilla - rich and creamy, with soft notes of coconut, butter cream, deluxe chocolate and sprinkles of sugar

☠ Black Cherry - fruity Black Cherry fragrance supported by sweet Vanilla
☠ Monkey Farts - a fruity explosion of pear, apple, plum, banana, peach, pineapple, strawberry and raspberry and bubblegum
☠ Strawberry and Rhubarb - a fresh, fruity strawberry and rhubarb blend supported by notes of raspberry, green apple, pear and vanilla

☠ Coffee - strong, rich and powdery dark creamy coffee fragrance with soft wood influences
☠ Strawberry Daiquiri - fresh and fruity, red ripe strawberries and quenching orange fruity notes on a white rum and vanilla lime base

☠ Rose - sensual aroma of velvet rose petals and fresh oriental tea leaves rounded out with base notes of soft musk
☠ Sweet Pea - fresh, floral fragrance opening with notes of melon, apple, green accord and citrus oils supported by a floral blend of sweet pea, muguet, lily, cyclamen 

☠ One Mill - similar in scent to the well known men’s aftershave

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