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Unisex Planchette T-Shirt

Unisex Planchette T-Shirt

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P R E M I U M  C R E A T O R 
CatWax Illustrations


Unisex Planchette T-Shirt

This Unisex Planchette T-Shirt is perfect for everyday wear!

-Crew Neckline
-Short Sleeves
-100% Cotton
-Ribbed Collar
-Machine Washable

Our T-Shirts come in a range of sizes: S, M, L

We use high quality material and printing ink for all of our t-shirts. And each one is quality checked whilst being made and before being sent out to you.

Your product will be packaged in a cellophane bag and then wrapped in tissue paper before being placed into our parcel bags to help stop any damages whilst being delivered to you.

Every one of our designs is original and traditionally drawn before being turned into products, so a lot of time goes into making you the perfect product!


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